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Information in English


Information in English

Trade union and professional association of journalists

The Deutscher Journalisten-Verband (DJV)

We are the voice of the journalists in Germany

With approximately 27,000 members, the Deutscher Journalisten Verband (DJV) is the largest journalistic organization in Germany. It represents the interests of journalists in Germany to politicians, the media and the public. In addition, the DJV works to protect copyright and to maintain and develop high-quality journalism. It is politically and financially independent and acts without any external considerations. The DJV respects and promotes the journalistic independence of its members.

Contact the DJV

Torstraße 49
10119 Berlin
Telefon: +49 30 72627920
Telefax: +49 30 726279213

Foto: Sebastian Scholz

The DJV is your partner in all matters concerning journalism. We are a trade union: That means we fight for the rights, good working conditions and fair pay of journalists in Germany, for example by negotiating collective agreements and fighting for fair fees. At the same time, we are a professional association that offers many services to make your life easier. For example:

  • The national press card which gives you easier access to many events and information.
  • Professional legal protection which protects you from legal problems and represents you in the event of a dispute, and legal advice which helps you with questions about contracts, fees or copyrights.
  • Educational opportunities to keep you up to date and learn new skills.
  • Networks and events that allow you to connect with and inspire your colleagues.
  • Information about journalism and media policy that keeps you up-to-date and gives you the background you need.

No matter if you are employed or freelance, if you work for print, online, radio or TV, if you are young or experienced: We are here for you!

Join the DJV now and benefit from our strong community!

Apply for a press card

The DJV press card (bundeseinheitlicher Presseausweis) enables you as a journalist to easily prove your full-time journalistic activity to authorities, event organizers, companies or organizations.

Apply for press card